Health insurance for farmers

Your contribution makes access to health insurance affordable for people in Africa. The program in the Nigerian state Kwara is a good example of this.

Quality health care for all

Health insurance brings health care within reach for low-income people. Ensuring the quality of that health care is one of the biggest challenges in Africa.

Medical care for mother & child

Due to insufficient assistance at birth, compromised hygiene and poorly trained staff, Africa has the highest mother and child mortality in the world.

Facts and figures
at a glance

Together with our partners, we have proven that access to quality health care is possible in Africa.

people insured
in Nigeria, Tanzania,
Namibia and Kenya

268.428  people insured in programs in Nigeria, Tanzania, Namibia and Kenya

clinics in
SafeCare program

2.489 clinics in a SafeCare improvement program. All clinics show progress within one year

patient visits to
the clinics

More than 2 million patients visit the SafeCare clinics every month

± 4x
antenatal visits
per pregnancy

Pregnant women receive, on average, 4 antenatal consultations per pregnancy

childbirths in

66.645 deliveries in participating clinics

medical staff

8.317 medical staff trained since start of program

Quality health care within reach


Eze Mshelia is a teacher who lives with her husband and four children in Kwara state in Nigeria. For the past two years, they have had health insurance through a program run by the Health Insurance Fund. Their health insurance card represents the fact that Eze and her family have access to quality health care. It means they know that if their youngest child contracts malaria she will receive quality medical treatment, and if their oldest daughter becomes pregnant, she can count on quality health care throughout her pregnancy. More than 110,000 people have enrolled in the program, and the quality of health care has improved throughout the entire state of Kwara.