Partnering for lasting impact

Global Health Membership connects people who care to people who need care. We find each other. That’s what it’s all about. Our success is made possible by the many partners who support and run the programs. We work with a unique worldwide combination of insurers, organizations and governments. These cooperative partnerships not only increase the impact of the program, but also the involvement of African partners and governments, which creates a more sustainable healthcare system. The bottom line is that a growing number of people in Africa are now receiving quality health care that is built to last.

Founding parties

The Dutch Health Insurance Fund was launched in 2006 in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The fund’s objective is to achieve access to quality medical care for low-income populations in Africa by working together with local insurers. To realize this objective, the Health Insurance Fund has joined forces with the PharmAccess Group and the Dutch National Postcode Lottery. Through the Global Health Membership, you too can support this approach!

Achmea is the largest health insurance company in the Netherlands. They use their knowledge and experience in organizing financial security to contribute to solving social and economic issues, in the Netherlands and abroad. This ambition, in line with that of Health Insurance Fund, prompted these two organizations to initiate the Global Health Membership.

Insurance partners

Zilveren Kruis | Achmea is the largest health insurer of the Netherlands. Zilveren Kruis stands for and strives for everyday access to the best health care for an affordable premium. A mission that is closely related to the work of the Global Health Membership.

Hygeia is the largest health insurance company in Nigeria. It is an established organization with a solid reputation. However, health insurance in Nigeria is a luxury that most people cannot afford. By working together with the Global Health Membership, Hygeia wants to bring insurance within reach for people with low incomes.

AAR is the largest health insurance company in East Africa. It is an established and well-reputed organization that manages a network of clinics in Kenya and Tanzania, among others, and provides a range of health insurance schemes. Global Health Membership gives AAR the opportunity to make affordable health insurance possible for people with a low income.