We are more alike than we think

When it comes to health, a mother in Amsterdam wants the same thing as a mother in Lagos, Nigeria: quality health care for her children. Ask a businessman in the Hebrides, Scotland and a shop owner in Maputo, Mozambique, and you will find the same. We are more alike than we think.

However, access to quality health care is more attainable for some than for others. Most likely, the mother in Amsterdam and the Scottish businessman can count on receiving quality medical treatment if they fall ill or have an accident. In Africa, seeing a doctor is often too expensive, if available at all. Global Health Membership wants to change this situation.

By training more doctors and nurses for example, and improving the quality of the hospitals. And by giving people with low incomes access to health insurance. So that they don’t sink into poverty when they become ill.

We support the various programs initiated by the Dutch Health Insurance Fund. We do this in cooperation with Zilveren Kruis/Achmea and other health insurance companies.

What can you do?

By joining the Global Health Membership, you support the improvement of access to quality health care in Africa. Your contribution of a few Euro per month can help an African family access quality health care.  It enables us to:

  • Set medical quality standards, so that people can access quality medical care
  • Assist African doctors in buying equipment and medicines for quality health care
  • Improve access to affordable health care through health insurance
  • Professionally train doctors and nurses

Feeling confident that quality health care will be available when you need it is something we all want. The Global Health Membership makes this possible for people in Africa too.

Access to affordable quality health care

Imagine you’re a coffee farmer in Tanzania. Every day, you work hard on your small piece of land to provide your family with a reasonable income. Then one day, you fall ill. Since you have no health insurance, the medical costs are very high. You have no choice but to sell your land. As a result, your whole family is thrown into poverty.

For many people in Africa, this story is a daily reality. While farmers, small business owners, shop owners and market people are making progress economically, without access to affordable and quality health care their situation remains extremely vulnerable. Having access to affordable quality health care offers a peace of mind that helps them continue to develop as a family, as a community and as a country. Read more